About Us

Ace Bolt & Screw Co., Inc. was co-founded on July 1, 1969 by two friends, Randal and Tom, who moved to Mississippi with the hopes of opening a fastener company. With Tom’s death in 2003, Randal bought out his friend’s share. Since then Ace Bolt & Screw has become a 3rd generation family business with Randal’s sons, Randy and Mike, and his 3 grandkids being employed.

In July 2007 Ace Bolt & Screw opened its first branch location in Tupelo, MS with much enthusiasm. As the business grew so did the dreams for the company. Ace Bolt grew even farther into the Southeast in August 2017 with the opening of its second branch location in Atlanta, GA. Also in summer 2017 the flagship location in Jackson, MS saw the remodel of its sales counter, which added an additional 3,000 square feet and numerous new products. In 2020 the newest store opened in Gluckstadt amidst the pandemic. In August 2022 we opened in Richland, MS. We also have a new warehouse location in Laurel, MS. In addition to all, we have been working diligently to open another store front in the heart of the delta, Greenwood, MS. With such a great team of employees throughout all of our branches, Ace Bolt & Screw knows that the sky is the limit.

Having been around for more than half a century helps us in many ways. Since we are one of the largest fastener distributors in the Southeast, we are able to offer great prices to our customers. A good portion of our employees have been part of our family for over 25 years, therefore, our customers are treated as part of our extended family. We pride ourselves in being “old school” in customer service, and we treat our customers the same as we did in 1969 – no matter if they are a mom and pop or a large corporation. However, we work hard to use the technology available today and are able to offer full product tracing, vendor managed inventory, and fully customizable billing.

What began as a hope and a dream among two friends has become one of the largest fastener distributors in the Southeast. We are able to ship products throughout the United States and beyond. Let us add you to our extended family and take care of your needs whether they are for commercial, construction, or industrial.