Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor Managed Inventory is more than checking bins – it takes experience and know how. Ace Bolt & Screw is using The Business Edge, a software program developed by Computer Insights for the fastener industry. By using this program we are able to set up a customer’s bin locations with Bar Code Labeling, check and scan locations to an iPad or iPhone, then send the orders in where they are processed and delivered back to the customer.

The scanners we use for our VMI customers have greatly boosted our speed and efficiency which is a huge benefit to our customers. We basically never make a mistake because we scan the exact bin that we need to replenish. We are also able to furnish our customers with more information than ever before with the usage reports we are able to run with The Business Edge. We check often and become familiar with the customer’s parts and usages to make sure you do not have down time.